Brown County Historical Society Committees

Mission statements and descriptions updated 2015

BCHS Artifacts Committee

Scope of Work: To inventory, accession, preserve and store the artifacts owned by BCHS or which are currently on loan to BCHS through agreements with other organizations. The committee is responsible for the acquisition, accessioning and maintenance of artifacts acquired for the interpretation of Hazelwood Historic House Museum, with priority given to artifacts belonging to the Morgan L. Martin family. Meets once/year or seasonally.

BCHS Development Committee

Scope of Work: Work with the board and executive director in the planning and implementation of fundraising efforts, including, but not limited to, membership drives, solicitation of donations from individuals and businesses, events, patron mailings, capital campaigns and grant applications. In addition, the committee is charged with evaluating existing fundraising efforts and providing feedback to board and staff. Meets quarterly, or as needed, to fulfill its purpose.

BCHS Finance Committee

Scope of Work: Ensure the organization’s financial stability by providing oversight on budgets and investments. Provide a financial report quarterly to the board. The Board Treasurer is the chair of the committee. Meets quarterly.

BCHS Governance Committee

Scope of Work: Review committee job description at least once every two years. Monitor the board’s due diligence function as it relates to governance and recommend any structure changes to assure that the board of directors fulfills its legal and moral obligations. Monitor the effectiveness of governance policies (e.g., board operations, officer expectations, board member performance, etc.) and recommend governance standards for board and committee operations. Review and recommend optimum composition for the board; including skills, behaviors, diversity and experience and design and execute a process to recruit and retain the best board members to help achieve the institution’s mission. This process includes the identification, cultivation and screening of candidates; the nomination of selected candidates; the orientation and development (with executive director) of new board members to ensure that they become engaged in the work of the board and feel their time is well spent; the assignment of new board members to committees and the assignment of mentors if necessary; the evaluation of board members, and the promotion and thanking of board members. Meets quarterly, or as needed, to fulfill its purpose.

BCHS Historic Preservation Committee

Scope of Work: Support the preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of building, structures, sites, districts and National Register-eligible objects that are of historic, architectural, archaeological, engineering or cultural significance within Brown County. This is done through a combination of appropriate measures, including direct intervention and participation, public education and support and promotion of government, corporate and volunteer actions intended to foster preservation, rehabilitation and restoration actions in the nation, state and county. Responsible for soliciting, evaluating and selecting candidates for BCHS Historic Preservation Awards, which are voted on by the board of directors and presented at the annual meeting. Meets monthly, with exceptions.

BCHS Programming Comittee

Scope of Work: Assist the staff in the planning and implementation of historical programming, including exhibits and special events at Hazelwood Historic House and in the community. The focus is on helping with existing program planning and volunteer recruitment, as well as on generating and implementing ideas for new programming in collaboration with the executive director. The Committee is also charged with evaluating the success of existing programming and providing feedback to staff following exhibits and events. Meets monthly.


Scope of Work: To present and promote sound and authentic local history through diverse educational opportunities for adults and students; to share our collections and resources in ways that captivate and respect our varied audiences, recognizing that people learn in different ways and that the museum provides a unique educational environment to accommodate a diversity of approaches; to support K12 curricula and create educational programs according to the highest standards of stewardship. Meets monthly, or as needed, to fulfill its purpose. 

BCHS Voyageur Publishing Committee

The Voyageur Publishing Committee oversees the financial and business functions of Voyageur Magazine. This includes printing, advertising, finances and fund-raising, circulation and distribution, and marketing and public relations. The committee annually recommends an operating budget to the BCHS Board of Directors.

Tasks: Meets quarterly and other times as needs arise. Minimum membership:
7 members, including at least one BCHS Board member.

BCHS Voyageur Editorial Committee

The Voyageur Editorial Committee assists the Voyageur Editor in the editorial functions of Voyageur Magazine. This may include solicitation, critiquing, editing and proofreading of manuscripts, other articles, galleys and visual materials, as well as discussion of content of current and future issues.

The Voyageur Editor chairs this committee.

Tasks: Four times per year. Alternates a business meeting with a proofreading meeting. Other times as needs arise. Minimum membership: 7 members

BCHS Digital Archive Project Committee

Our mission is to develop a digital collection of historic images and documents that cover all aspects and eras of Brown County history, and to make them easily accessible to historians and history enthusiasts.