Brown County Historical Society Committees



The primary mission of the Artifacts Committee of the Brown County Historical Society is to inventory, accession, preserve and store the artifacts presently at Hazelwood, and at Heritage Hill State Park.  The committee maintains appropriate records of artifacts owned by the BCHS, or which are currently on loan to the BCHS through agreements with other organizations.

The Committee is responsible for the acquisition, accessioning and maintenance of artifacts acquired for the interpretation of Hazelwood Historic House Museum, with priority given to artifacts belonging or pertaining to the Morgan L. Martin family.

Tasks:  Keep an accurate inventory of artifacts, and assign accession numbers in accordance with current museum and archival procedures and standards.  Maintain artifacts in good condition, and arrange for restoration and repair when necessary.


The mission of the Awards Committee is to select from the Brown County area an
individual(s) who has contributed to the interest and preservation of local history.  This award is presented at the Annual Meeting.  Long-term service is one of the main criteria for this award.  Occasionally the committee will also confer additional awards for specific accomplishments.

Tasks:  Meets once or twice per year to evaluate nominations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.


The mission of the Development Committee is to assist the BCHS executive director in the planning and implementation of fund-raising efforts, including but not limited to membership drives, solicitation of donations from individuals and businesses, patron mailings, capital campaigns and grant applications.  A secondary purpose is to evaluate the success of existing fund-raising efforts and provide feedback to the BCHS staff and Board.

Tasks:  The committee meets at least quarterly and as needed to fulfill its purpose.  The executive director is a permanent member of the committee


The mission of the Education Committee of the Brown County Historical Society is

(1) to enhance appreciation of local history among school-age children and young people;

(2) to encourage history preservation and appreciation through public educational programming;

(3) through these activities, to encourage growth in the Society's membership.

Tasks:  Meets monthly or as needed to create in-school programming, on-site events and other special activities to carry out its mission.


The Finance Committee of the Brown County Historical Society exists to ensure the organization's financial stability by providing oversight on its budget and investments.  The committee is comprised of the BCHS Board President, Board Treasurer, Executive Director, and other Board and Society members as appointed by the Board president.

Tasks:  Meets monthly, one week prior to the BCHS Board of Directors' meeting and makes recommendations to the Board on financial matters.


The Hazelnut Gallery is staffed by volunteers.  Proceeds from the sale of books and other items go into the BCHS general operating fund. 

In general, the Gallery stocks:
1. New and used articles that recall the heritage of Brown County
2. Books and merchandise that highlight the Martin family era
3. Books and merchandise that reflect the broader scope of regional history
4. Books and merchandise that showcase the talents and resources of the community

Tasks:  Work in the Hazelnut Gallery during Society and Hazelwood events.  Occasional cleaning and straightening as needed.


The Kellogg Preservation Library of the Brown County Historical Society, located in the non-historic level of Hazelwood Historic House Museum, will house the following:

1. Materials relating to the interpretation of Hazelwood and the lives of people associated with Hazelwood.
2. Materials relating to Rufus B. Kellogg and his banking interests.
3. Materials and records of the Brown County Historical Society.
4. Books pertaining to the history of Brown County and other materials for acceptance by the committee on a case-by-case basis
5. Research materials needed by BCHS staff and volunteers in the performance of their duties.

In addition:
6. Grants may be awarded for purposes pertaining to the mission of the Kellogg Preservation Library at the discretion of the Kellogg Preservation Library Committee and with the approval of the BCHS Board of Directors.

Tasks:  Meets three to four times per year to discuss acquisitions and other changes and additions to the library.


The Nominating Committee solicits, evaluates and recommends suitable and enthusiastic individuals to serve and officers and board directors. 

Tasks:  Meets in late fall to discuss possible nominations to the Board.  Contacts prospective candidates and prepares a slate of candidates to submit to the Board of Directors and members of the BCHS for approval.


The mission of the Historic Preservation Committee is to support preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of buildings, structures, sites, districts and National Register eligible objects that are of historic, architectural, archaeological, engineering or cultural significance within Brown County through a combination of appropriate measures, including:

1. Direct intervention and participation
2. Public education
3. Support and promotion of government, corporate and volunteer actions intended to foster preservation, rehabilitation and restoration actions in the nation, state and Brown County.

Tasks:  Meets monthly (with exceptions) to discuss local preservation issues and make recommendations to the board.  It is also responsible for evaluating nominations for annual Historic Preservation Awards which are presented at the Society's Annual Meeting each year.


The Voyageur Publishing Committee oversees the financial and business functions of Voyageur Magazine.  This includes printing, advertising, finances and fund-raising, circulation and distribution, and marketing and public relations.  The committee annually recommends an operating budget to the BCHS Board of Directors. 

Tasks:  Meets quarterly and other times as needs arise.  Minimum membership: 
7 members, including at least one BCHS Board member.


The Voyageur Editorial Committee assists the Voyageur Editor in the editorial functions of Voyageur Magazine.  This may include solicitation, critiquing, editing and proofreading of manuscripts, other articles, galleys and visual materials, as well as discussion of content of current and future issues. 

The Voyageur Editor chairs this committee.

Tasks:  Four times per year.  Alternates a business meeting with a proofreading meeting.  Other times as needs arise.  Minimum membership:  7 members

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