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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a digital collection of historic images and documents that cover all aspects and eras of Brown County history, and to make them easily accessible to historians and history enthusiasts.


While millions of historic photos and documents reside in museums and library archives throughout the country, many millions more are stored in our own homes.  Our parents’ and grandparents’ snapshots often portray historic information about our earlier urban and rural buildings, people, and customs.

So, it is likely that there is a wealth of Brown County history to be found on images tucked away in photo albums and shoeboxes in our own closets and attics.  We believe there is a real sense of urgency since, sadly, these items are too often discarded and are then gone forever.

With your help, our objective is to scan and save as many of these images as we can. And we expect to remain busy.  Hopefully, as people learn of our work, more and more images will be made available to us, and with each passing year, more images from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are becoming historically relevant.    

What We’ve Done to Date

For the last few years a dedicated group of volunteers has been working on the Digital Archive Project.  To date we’ve scanned close to 2,000 images and documents, as well as photographed many historical artifacts.

We had our first big screen photo presentation at the Central Library auditorium in late September, 2018, which was quite well attended and received. 

Where We’re Going From Here

As we continue to scan, we hope to schedule additional themed photo show events in the near future that will focus on military, local culture, parades, etc.

Also, we’re looking at setting up an online presence so we can make the images available to those interested in Brown County history.

How to Get Involved

  • Join us at our next photo show.
  • Bring your photos and documents to our next scanning event.  For details and considerations regarding having your images scanned, please see the attached Scan Day Information sheet.
  • Add your name to our sign-up sheet
  • Volunteer to help

To ask a question, check our schedule for upcoming shows and scan events, or have your name added to our email mailing list, please contact us at:

If you have specific questions about items you think we’d be interested in scanning, call the Society office at 437-1840, and they will arrange to have someone get back to you

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