April 2017 Junior Girl Scouts Digital Photography Exhibit

On April 22, thirty-two Junior Girl Scouts from the Green Bay area assembled at the Brown County Central Library for a Digital Photography Workshop, led by the Brown County Historical Society. The workshop focused on the girls engaging in photography and editing their photos. 

Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 5194
Photo Courtesy: Colleen Bies

The day started with  Dennis Jacobs, a local historian, leading a presentation in the History of Photography. When the presentation was over, the girls set out in five groups, led by Colleen Bies (with the assistance of Katie Schmidt), Chuck Golueke, Dennis Jacobs, Suzanne Stank, and Shaunae Teske to explore Downtown Green Bay and photograph the city.

St Dpw Group 3 Wall
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

Shaunae Teske Group Photo
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

Photo Courtesy: Dennis Jacobs

St Dpw Group 3 Double Photo
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

Photo Courtesy: Dennis Jacobs

IMG 5196
Photo Courtesy: Colleen Bies

P1010159 Cc
Photo Courtesy: Chuck Golueke

After the Walking Tour concluded, the girls returned to the library to edit three photos to submit to the Brown County Historical Society for this online exhibit. Once the girls finished editing and submitted their photos, all the Junior Girl Scouts successful earned their Digital Photography Badge and that concluded the workshop. 

St Chuck
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

St Dpw Group 3 Edits
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

 Wisconsin Girl Scouts Volunteer Shaunae Teske Photography 16 Pp W775 H516
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

St Dpw Group 3 Editing Photos
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

Wisconsin Girl Scouts Volunteer Shaunae Teske Photography 17 Pp W775 H512
Photo Courtesy: Shaunae Teske Photography

Featured below are photographs the Girl Scouts took for the Digital Photography Workshop.

Troop 4133:

Allison 4133
Allison Wojtyla

"I liked the pattern of the stripes on the building."

Anna Jo 4133
Anna Johnson

Jackson Square Daffodils. 

Aubrey P 4133
Aubrey Paque

"The architecture was amazing!"

Sienna K 4133
Sienna Kiewiz

"I liked how they were more focused on one spot and blurry on the rest of the photo."

Sky S 4133
Sky Skolasinla

"It looks cool because it sparkles!"

Talia M 4133
Talia Mayes

"Very pretty nature pictures!"

Troop 4170:

Janessa Ma 4170
Janessa Manskey

"I liked these pictures because I like nature and Jesus."

Wren 4170
Wren Kunesh

"I took it because it looked nice."

Zaydah Pe 4170
Zaydah Peters

"I admire the cool architecture and it looks like a 'building from the past.'"

Troop 4191:

 Addison 4191
Addison Gretz

"Because it is a unique place."

Braelyn W 4191
Braelyn Witcpalek

"It represents the city."

Cherity Ne 4191
Cherity Neveau

"It was very pretty!"

Grace 4191
Grace VanDenPlas

Spring Bloom.

Isabella Voss 4191
Isabella Voss

The Tower.

Olivia Br 4191
Olivia Browne

Tick Tock, Time.

Troop 4218:

Ameila 4218
Amelia Nichols

"I love taking pictures of old buildings!"

Hattie Ku 4218
Hattie Kurowski

Symmetric Religion.

Troop 4222:

Kendall 4222
Kendall Simonson

"An interesting angle and it looked cool!"

Troop 4288:

Kaitlyn 4288
Kaitlyn Shrader

"I liked how it looked."

Madie R 4288
Madie Ranier

Knight to D5.

Rachel 4288
Rachel Kubick

"I took the picture of the fire hydrant because I loved the brick wall background and I thought it would look cool with the bright yellow."

Shala Re 4288 
Shala Rahman

"I thought they looked pretty and unique."

Troop 4344:

Josie 4344
Josie Kinnard

Gaze of St. Francis Xavier 

Sarah 4344
Sarah Bartel

A glimpse of a Rose.

Mikaela 4344
Mikaela Smith

Spiritual Glow.

Troop 4695:

Aubrey Da 4695
Aubrey Daul

"I love flowers and all things nature."

Elaina Ho 4695
Elaina Holschuh

Plants are Life.

Maddy D 4695
Maddy DePrey

Stone, Glass and Brick.

Maggie 4695
Maggie DeBaker

"I took the picture because it really stuck out to me."

Natalie Gi 4695
Natalie Gilman

"I love the view and I love the color of the church!"

Peyton B 4695
Peyton Babler

"The buildings were cool!"

Troop 20539:

Alexis Uhl

"I like how the orange glow stands out."

Special Thanks to the Workshop's Volunteers:

  • Barb Beaver, Former Teacher,  Brown County Historical Society Board Member, and Volunteer
  • Colleen Bies, Capture Life Moments Photography
  • Charles Golueke, Vice President of the Brown County Historical Society Board
  • Jayne Jackowski, United HealthCare Employee, Brown County Historical Society Volunteer, and Former Girl Scout
  • Dennis Jacobs, Local History and Genealogy Department at the Brown County Library, Local Historian, and Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Katie Schmidt, Education Administrator at Heid Music, Local Historian and  Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Suzanne Stank, Team Lead Fluid/Break pack at Spectrum America, Photographer, and Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Shaunae Teske, Shaunae Teske Photography and Former Girl Scout.

A special thanks to Susan Lagerman and the Brown County Central Library for collaborating with us on this project! We could not have succeeded without you!