May 2018 Digital Photography Workshop

IMG 0536

Photo Courtesy: Brooke UhlIMG 0537

Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 0556

Photo Courtesty: Brooke Uhl



Photo Courtesy: Sunshine Tourtillott


Photo Courtesy: Sunshine Tourtillott


IMG 0548

Troop 4116
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 0547

Troop 4344
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 0550

Troop 4497
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 0558

Troop 4333
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 0571

Troop 4576
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

IMG 0573

Troop 4261
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Uhl

Photography Workshop14

Photo Courtesy: Alexander Walczak


Photo Courtesy: Sunshine Tourtillott


Photo Courtesy: Suzie Stank


Photo Courtesy: Sunshine Tourtillott

On May 19, 2018, local Girl Scout Troops assembled in a morning and afternoon sessions at the Brown County Central Library for a 3 hour Digital Photography Workshop.

Photography Workshop05
Photo Courtesy: Alexander Walczak

The day started with Sunshine Tourtillott, a photography student at UW-Green Bay, discussing how and what to take photographs. When the presentations was over, the girls set out on a walking tour led by two local historians--Dennis Jacobs (morning) & Meghan Hock (afternoon) with the assitance of Emily Alger-Feser, Suzie Stank, Alexander Walczak, & Sunshine Tourtillott of Downtown Green Bay and photograph the city.

Alexis Skenandore--Troop 4116

Alyssabauer 1
Alyssa Bauer--Troop 4116

Gwenrybak 4116Two
Gwendolyn Rybak--Troop 4116

Mallory Khollman 4115 Two

Mallory Kohlman--Troop 4116


Mia Moder--Troop 4116


Samantha Weise--Troop 4116


Gracie Backhaus-- Troop 4344


Kayta Winterhack--Troop 4344

Jessica 4497 2

Jessica Tachick--Troop 4497


Katelyn Marquarett--Troop 4497

Caitlynn 44971 2

Caitlynn Jenkins--Troop 4344


Lindsay Lauber--Troop 4497

 Marissa Shefchik 4333 Two

Marissa Shefchik--Troop 4333

Kelsey 4333

Kelsey Johnson--Troop 4333

Ellie 4333 3

Ellie Engerson--Troop 4333

Lilly Schmidt 4333 1

Lillian Schmidt--Troop 4333


Abbie Mickle--Troop 4576


Addi Schmude--Troop 4576


Brianna Ecke--Troop 4576

 Meara 4576 2

Meara Marinan--Troop 4576

Ashlyn Magnin 4576 Three

Ashlyn Magnin--Troop 4576

Alivia 4576 2

Alivia--Troop 4576


Emily Vanderkinter--Troop 4261

Lexi Cumbers 4261 1

Lexi Cumbers--Troop 4261

Kasandra Cendejas 4261

Iris Metzler--Troop 4261

 Kasandra Cendejas 4261

Kasandra Cendejas--Troop 4261

Special Thanks to the Workshop's Volunteers:

  • Dennis Jacobs, Local History and Genealogy Department at the Brown County Library, Local Historian, and Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Emily Alger-Feser,  English Teacher & Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Suzanne Stank, Photographer, and Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Meghan Hock, Local Historian and Brown County Historical Society Volunteer
  • Sunshine Tourtillott, UW-Green Bay Photography Student
  • Alexander Walczak, NWTC Photography Student
A special thanks to Kayla Bauer, Sarah Detweiler, and Jessica Norwood with the assistance of finding photographers!

A HUGE shout out to Susan Lagerman and the Brown County Central Library for collaborating with us on this project! We could not have succeeded without you!