BCHS Historic Preservation Award Nomination Form - 2019

The Historic Preservation Committee of the Brown County Historical Society is accepting nominations for its 2019 annual Historic Preservation Awards, to be presented at the Society's Annual Dinner in February 2020. Self-nominations are welcomed.


Awards are generally presented in the following categories:

  • Building Historic Restoration/Rehabilitation 

Recognizes restoration projects where a majority of the original interior and exterior building fabric has been preserved or replicated for future generations, and the same or a related building use is often enabled to continue.

  • Building Facade Rehabilitation 

Recognizes thoughtful maintenance, repairs, or reconstruction of an older building's facade(s), preserving the architectural style and features.

  • Building Adaptive Reuse 

Recognizes the preservation of an older building which, while significant changes might have been necessary to enable an alternate or more modern use, is nonetheless given a new life and saved from loss as a result of neglect or demolition.

  • Preservation Activities 

Recognizes individuals or organizations that advance the cause of Historic Preservation. Examples of activities would be preservation partnerships, political action groups, education, research, and investigation. In addition to buildings, these activities could focus on subjects such as historic districts, crafts and artifacts, and archeology.

  • Special Achievement 

Recognizes major accomplishments or lifetime work in dedication to the advancement of Historic Preservation.


To be considered for an award:

  1. The building or activity must be located, or the individual must reside, in Brown County.
  2. The work involved or the results gained from the project or activity must be considered substantial, and the benefits should be accessible to the public.
  3. The project or activity must demonstrate the economic, aesthetic, and/or cultural benefits of historic preservation.

Nomination Materials

The nomination form should be accompanied by:

  1. A brief written statement on a separate sheet explaining the project, the work or activity completed to date, and an explanation why the project or accomplishment merits nomination.
  2. Before and after photographs and newspaper articles would be helpful. Some additional information may be requested of award winners for inclusion in the Society's records.

To submit a nomination for a BCHS Historic Preservation Award, download a 2019 BCHS Historic Preservation Award nomination form and follow the instructions provided on the form.

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